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Free MD5 Calculator 1.0 a tool to calculate the md5 value for any file
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The MD5 Calculator version 1.0 is one of many programs used to help the end user determine the md5 checksum value of a given file .
MD5 is algorithm that consists of 32 characters that represent a hash value of a file or a certain text and considered like a finger print for that file or text.
You may wonder why getting the md5 value for a file is important , The answer for that question is that when you download any file from the web and the website offers the md5 checksum value for that file then after downloading you can check if the file is modified by a virus or not genuine if the two checksums don't match.
The usage of this tool is really so simple. After installation is completed , Go to any file and right click on it and then choose "MD5 Calculator" to calculate it's md5 value. After that a windows will appear containing the md5 value for that file.
Another additional feature for that small program is that you can compare the generated hash with another to make sure they are equal.
System requirement :-
- Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003.
- .NET Framework 2.0. or later(download from ) .
the above makes the program incompatible with 9X windows versions such as windows 98 and ME . In addition there are so many other tools exist that are of almost same size but not dependent on .NET framework.

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Mark Adeeb
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Review summary


  • Doesn't hang with big files
  • You can call it directly with doing a right click on any file
  • Fast calculation of MD5


  • Cannot be called with command line
  • Doesn't check md5 for more than one file at the same time
  • Requires .NET framework (55 Mb. ) to be installed on your computer


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